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Practical Programmatic is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to get started building programmatic SEO projects - with code, no-code, or AI content.

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17h 6m of content

Looking for a sneak peek of what's on offer inside Practical Programmatic? The list below is updated whenever new content is added.

The Fundamentals of Programmatic SEO
4h 18m
Population Data - No Code Case Study
2h 1m
Golf Courses - a Low-Code WordPress Build
2h 17m
Building a Programmatic SEO Website with Webflow
3h 53m
Building an Affiliate Product Review Site
Using AI to Build Programmatic SEO Websites
Setup Showcase - Real Programmatic SEO Sites
1h 1m
Programmatic SEO Masterclasses
2h 29m

Choose your programmatic SEO adventure...

Looking to learn more about programmatic SEO and if it can help you?

Pick a path to follow and see where it leads!

Programmatic SEO is a great way to add topical relevance to your blog!

Chances are, you're using WordPress for your blog.

Lucky for you, we have case studies on exactly how to create programmatic SEO sections in a WordPress site - whether it's a new site or adding to your existing blog.

You'll learn what the best WordPress plugins are for creating a lot of posts at scale (which is awesome for your topical relevancy, btw) and ways to enhance your layout and internal links with blocks.

But, but, I'm not using WordPress...

That's cool. We have basic examples of how to whip up a programmatic site using Webflow and Wix too and you can learn the techniques to apply to your own CMS too.

Low code? No code? No problem!

function pseo_shortcode() {
    return 'Programmatic SEO is awesome';
add_shortcode('pseo', 'pseo_shortcode');

Spinning up a WordPress site is mostly no, or low, code - but there are some examples of how you can use a sprinkle of code here and there to make things easier.

Totally optional, but you'll soon learn that with ChatGPT and other tools now available, it's easier than ever to get creative!

Everything is explained as we're building the case studies together.

Take the bits you want to apply to your own thing, ignore the bits you don't - that's the best way to learn this stuff, IMO.

But isn't WordPress slow with lots of posts?!

It can be, yes.

But there are ways to make it work - even at ridiculous scale (I'm talking 20k+ posts!).

For example:

  • Keep your clusters tight! Not every programmatic SEO site needs to be thousands of pages. With the right data, you can get hyper-focused and create a lot less pages while maintaining the super high quality that will give you that sweet, sweet, topical authority.
  • To make cash, you need to cache. Caching plugins for WordPress are very good these days. Personally, I use Cloudflare and their Cache Everything option alongside WP Rocket but you can use whatever floats your boat.
  • Stop installing all the plugins! Do you really need to install that plugin to add one block to the editor that you know is only gonna be used on one post? Probably not ;)

We'll cover all of this and more inside the courses but, rest assured, you can build some b-e-a-utiful programmatic SEO sites in WordPress.

Take a look at this programmatic SEO WordPress site

One of the case study sites for this programmatic SEO course was built as an example, but it's starting to gain traction.

This is the power of programmatic SEO.

You'll learn how to do this yourself inside the course.

You've reached the end of this trail, my intrepid explorer!

Choose a new path, or sign up now to learn more by building things...

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Hey, I'm Ian Nuttall - creator of this little programmatic SEO course...

I've been building websites powered by programmatic SEO since about 2015, and in the last few years have created a portfolio of sites that generate 3m+ page views per month.

I also sold one for ~$500,000 in early 2023.

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The programmatic SEO wall of love

None of the testimonials on this page were paid for or coerced in any way.

If you want to feature here too, tweet me. Or else! 👊

Ian's threads are the gateway drug to programmatic SEO.

Ian has shared the most simple and creative approach for building programmatic sites. He is one of the few people in the SEO industry who truly inspires me.

I have purchased every digital product of his, and I can say they all are worth it.

Ian is no bs and downright business.

I’ve been intrigued by dynamic/programmatic sites and his contents as well as his PSEO course provided strategic overview as well as implementation.

P.S. he replies to his emails and is open to questions. Highly Recommended.

I bought Practical Programmatic when it first came launched and devoured it within a couple of days. Now I have too many ideas for pSEO sites, and I am recognizing them out in the wild.

What I loved about Ian's course as opposed to others was it was not only inspirational, but practical. This was the technical how-to that was missing from everything else out there. Content may be king, but now I know data is queen.

Ian thanks for your advice and your no nonsense and honest but humorous approach.

Appreciate how you’ve helped me in my own pSEO journey.

When it comes to building humble internet businesses, Ian is:

  • a legit tech biz builder in {city}
  • a sharer of non-BS marketing tips in {country}
  • {best} at finding datasets for SEO
  • a good dude in {%%2023%%}

You're full of actual, actionable advice on both an idea and technical level.

I have a virtual sticky note full of pSEO tactics and strategies from you, like easy location-based internal linking.

If you're into pSEO, be sure to connect with Ian - he's the top dog in the pSEO game!

I bought Niche Site Metrics and Practical Programmatic from Ian.

Found 3 niches in NSM to go after and PP gives a peak behind the curtain into successful pSEO projects.

Ian isn't another Twitter grifter. He provides real examples and actionable value.

I wanted to add a programmatic section to my site, but not knowing how to code was a massive barrier!

Rather than hiring a developer, I bought Practical Programmatic and within an hour I knew exactly how to do it!

I found Ian’s video lessons to be really easy to follow, with everything I needed and more.

I'd never tried pSEO until this course and Ian made the whole process super easy to understand for a non-coder like myself. It gave me lots of ideas on how to grow my portfolio.

I didn't know what Programmatic SEO was before Ian. Now I have 18 million pages submitted to Google. Great guy and great content.

Come on, Google, index!

Ian is the GOAT of pSEO; DROP TABLE wp_users

Ian is great because he spells Ian the correct way, not like those other Iains.

There are only a handful of people I would seek tutelage from in the remit of programmatic SEO and Ian Nuttall is top of that list.

As a person with no programming background, I've been looking for information about pSEO suited to my needs.

But good content has been hard to find, until I found Ian through Twitter.

He's a disrupting force and clearly knows what he is talking about.

Ian is hands down the most successful person at pSEO I’ve ever known.

He’s a builder, which means you’re learning from someone with tons of experience, as well as success. The best kind of person to learn from!

If you made it this far down the page, you must really love programmatic SEO. A lot.

At this point, it would be rude not to buy the course.

Otherwise, you'd be messing up my conversion rate. And that's just mean.

Let's get you lots of traffic using programmatic SEO