Programmatic SEO with Practical Examples

Got the programmatic SEO theory nailed? Take it to the next level with a series of practical case studies that walk you through the step-by-step build process.

Not a dev? We've got you covered with no/low-code WordPress builds.

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What's included?

  • Low-code case study (7 videos) 1h 13m
  • 100% no-code case study (7 videos) 1h 07m
  • Existing programmatic site overviews (1 video) 23m

Keyword Research

Programmatic SEO keyword research is a different kettle of fish. Learn how to quickly check volumes, and why it doesn't matter too much for pSEO.

Cleaning Data

Data comes in some weird formats, has missing fields and isn't always directly usable. Sometimes you need to clean the dirty little rascal first.


We'll mostly use WP All Import to get the content into WordPress. You'll learn how to do it, and what alternatives (usually with code) are available!


No point having a million pages if 999,999 of them aren't in Google. Find out how to get your pages in the Google index so they can get clicked.

Generate Content in Lightning Fast Time

With the right data, you can turbocharge your content websites without the time-consuming writing process.

Who needs data? You! Follow along as we find and clean up dirty data to make useful data-driven blog posts and website content.

Moar content. Scale your websites by creating content on a lot of repeatable keywords that people are actively searching for information on.

Get your content indexed. It's a constant battle to get a lot of content indexed in Google. Learn the simple methods for getting as many pages as possible found, so you can get that juicy search traffic.

Traffic aplenty. What we all want is lots and lots of organic traffic to convert to customers, promote affiliate products to, or monetize with display ads.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of programmatic SEO and build something amazing? Head back to the top to get started.

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