Practical Programmatic SEO Affiliate Program

Become a Practical Programmatic SEO affiliate today & earn up to $59 on each sale.

Practical Programmatic is the best course available today if you want to learn programmatic SEO. That’s not just me saying that as the course creator! It’s based on the feedback of the many, many, customers of this course.

(check the homepage for some lovely testimonials by people you might recognise)

How to Become an Affiliate

Before you can promote Practical Programmatic and earn those juicy commissions, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to get your affiliate link.

1. Apply to become an affiliate at Lemon Squeezy

We use Lemon Squeezy to process payments and manage the affiliate program, so the first step is to apply to become an affiliate with them.

They review and vet every new application so this can take a while before you are accepted.

Here is the link to apply:

Once you've signed in to the Affiliate Hub you will need to fill in your affiliate profile. Once complete, you can submit it for approval.

If you already have a Lemon Squeezy account (i.e. you have bought something through Lemon Squeezy before, or you are a store owner) you can get to the Affiliate Hub from the "Affiliate Hub" link in your user menu.

If your application is accepted, you will be able to apply to join any of the affiliate programs on the platform, including mine!

2. Join the Practical Programmatic SEO Program

Once approved, you can use the link below to sign up for our affiliate program:

Alternatively, you can head to the Programs tab in he Affiliate Hub and search for Practical Programmatic SEO:

Once you have applied to the program, sit back and relax while we review it. Once approved, it’s time to get your link.

Shorten your affiliate link

By default, the affiliate link Lemon Squeezy gives you looks something like this:

Don’t use this link!

Your users will be taken to a plain, boring, and unoptimised page that will not convert at all. Instead, take the ?aff=YOUR_CODE part, and just add it to the Practical Programmatic domain instead:

Both links will work but the second one will convert much better.

This process sucks. I know. Hopefully Lemon Squeezy can figure this out soon.

3. Spread the word

Once you’re in, get that link out there and drive traffic to Practical Programmatic. You’ll earn 30% commission on every sale you earn. The tracking length is 30 days.


If you need any help, or want me to look at your application fast (Lemon Squeezy don’t even email me when you apply!) just tweet me.