Programmatic SEO Examples

These programmatic SEO examples will help you have a more in-depth understanding of what it takes to implement a successful pSEO strategy and how to apply these lessons to your own website.

On this page you will find a huge list of 20 programmatic SEO examples and case studies that will give you real-world applications of how each company is using programmatic SEO and diving into the details of what they are doing and exactly how they are doing it.

You can click any of these programmatic SEO examples to view a detailed analysis of how they were able to scale their organic traffic very effectively using programmatic SEO tecniques.

I find examples of programmatic SEO to be very useful not only for ideas on how to implement on your own projects but also as a source of inspiration.

Often I'll see an example of a company using programmatic SEO that I think is completely unique and genius - and this inspires me to find other unique and genius ways that I can use pSEO too.

Psssst. Just so you know - this entire section was built using programmatic SEO and this Google Sheet.

Examples of Businesses Using Programmatic SEO

Get quick details on how each programmatic SEO example is getting organic traffic, or click through for the full case study.


Learn how Zapier is able to generate 2.6 million monthly organic traffic by using the techniques of programmatic SEO.

Full Zapier case study


Calendly receives 1.1 million monthly organic traffic by programmatically creating separate pages for different programs, apps, and tools it supports.

Full Calendly case study


Retool gets around 100k monthly organic traffic through programmatically generated pages, learn how and what it does.

Full Retool case study


Airtable did a great job by programmatically creating 1000s of high-quality pages targeting templates-related and other keywords.

Full Airtable case study


If you’re researching software, it’s nearly impossible to not come across G2’s website, which receives well over 6 million organic monthly visitors.

Full G2 case study


Make (formerly Integromat) has thousands of different apps integration pages, much like Zapier. There is a lot to learn from their pSEO strategy.

Full Make case study

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Learn how VEED is able to generate 3.5 million monthly organic traffic by using the techniques of programmatic SEO.

Full VEED case study


Canva generates beyond 100 million organic traffic every month and there are a lot of things to learn from them.

Full Canva case study


You will be super impressed by the quality of their programmatically generated pages – they are super detailed and customized for each location.

Full moveBuddha case study


Failory is probably the most talked about programmatic SEO example, learn how they generate more than 100k monthly organic traffic.

Full Failory case study


Wise has created 1000s of pages for people who search for SWIFT numbers & other similar things about banks. And tries to make them start using Wise.

Full Wise case study


Enhancv has done a great job targeting keywords that their potential users search for and generating ~100k organic traffic every single month.

Full Enhancv case study


Kapwing mostly targets creators and gamers, and they are doing an outstanding job with that. They have implemented a solid pSEO strategy.

Full Kapwing case study