Datasets for Programmatic SEO

Are you looking to build, or improve, a programmatic SEO site in the nba niche?

If so, today is your lucky day! We've put together the best 10 nba datasets for programmatic SEO (most of them are free) that you can download and use for your own projects.

Let's jump in.

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10 Useful Nba Datasets for pSEO

Along with a brief description of all the datasets, we have also included the format(s) they are available in.

1. NBA Players

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset containing biometric, biographic, and basic box score information for NBA players. The data includes demographic variables such as age, height, weight and place of birth, biographical details such as the team played for, draft year, and round, and basic box score statistics such as games played, average points, rebounds, assists, and more.

2. NBA Basketball

Available format(s): CSV

This dataset contains historical player and play by play data for the NBA, including information for every player to have ever played in the league and each player's player ID, as well as play by play data for every team in the league and for every season since the 2000/2001 season.

3. Basketball

Available format(s): CSV, MySQL

This dataset includes historical NBA game, team, and player information, including box scores, statistics, and biometric data, updated daily with plans for further expansion. It contains over 60,000 games since the first NBA season in 1946-47, information on all 30 teams, and 4500 players with draft data and career statistics.

4. NBA Player Stats

Available format(s): XLS

A dataset of NBA player statistics, updated game-by-game throughout the entire season, with key stats such as rank, full name, team, position, age, games played, minutes per game, usage percentage, turnover percentage, free throws, field goal percentages, points per game, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and various offensive and defensive ratings.

5. NBA Team Stats

Available format(s): CSV

Dataset of team statistics from the NBA containing 725 records with statistics such as points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, personal fouls, and shooting percentages for each team.

6. Social Power NBA

Available format(s): CSV

The Social power NBA dataset contains on-court performance data for NBA players, alongside salary, Twitter engagement, and Wikipedia traffic data, allowing for an analysis of the relationship between on-court performance and social influence, popularity and power.

7.Sports One-Hit Wonders

Available format(s): CSV

Dataset of one-hit wonder athletes across 8 sports leagues, containing career statistics and other data collected from various sources, with a focus on players who had one outstanding season and never matched that success again.

8. NBA Shooting

Available format(s): CSV

NBA Shooting dataset contains statistics of four different players during the 2021 NBA playoffs, such as shooter, defender, X and Y coordinates, range, and score. It can be used to analyze the players' likelihood of making a shot and provide data-driven recommendations for each player.

9. Fouls Called By NBA Referees

Available format(s): CSV

This dataset contains data on the number of fouls called by NBA referees during the regular season and playoffs. It includes information on the season, season type, referee name, games refereed, total fouls called, and the breakdown of fouls called for shooting, personal, loose ball, personal take, offensive charge, offensive, and kicked ball. With 420+ records.

10. NBA

Available format(s): CSV, MySQL

A database containing information about matches from the National Basketball Association (NBA) including players, teams, and match action counts.

And that's it! I hope you found this list of nba datasets useful and if you do use any of them, let me know on Twitter.

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