Datasets for Programmatic SEO

Are you looking to build, or improve, a programmatic SEO site in the quotes niche?

If so, today is your lucky day! We've put together the best 10 quotes datasets for programmatic SEO (most of them are free) that you can download and use for your own projects.

Let's jump in.

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10 Useful Quotes Datasets for pSEO

Along with a brief description of all the datasets, we have also included the format(s) they are available in.

1. Collection of quotes

Available format(s): JSON

A large dataset of quotes with authors, category, tags, and popularity ratings, organized for ease of access and analysis.

2. Quotes-500K

Available format(s): CSV

Large dataset containing 500K quotes with their authors and category tags, scraped from various popular quote websites using web scraping techniques.

3. English quotes

Available format(s): JSON

English quotes dataset, contains author, quote and tags for multi-label text classification and text generation tasks.

4. Quotes From Goodread

Available format(s): CSV

Quotes From Goodread dataset is a dataset of 30,000 quotes scraped from that includes 10 different categories such as death, inspiration, wisdom, love, and others. The dataset includes the quote text, the author, and other tags associated with the quote.

5. The Office Quotes

Available format(s): CSV

The Office Quotes dataset is a collection containing quotes spoken by 4 main characters of the popular TV show The Office: Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam. The files include 22000 records, one file contains quotes when a character is talking directly to the camera and the other file contains quotes when a character is replying to another character.


Available format(s): JSON

A collection of 61,071 unique quotes for a variety of topics and from renowned personalities including the quote text, author, and topic classification.

7.Wikiquote Short English Quotes

Available format(s): JSON

A dataset of short English quotes, containing less than 100 characters.

8. Love Quotes - Inspirational Quotes at BrainyQuote

Available format(s): CSV, JSON

A dataset containing 1000 love-related quotes from BrainyQuote, including the quote text, author, and tags.

9. Collection of Famous Quotations

Available format(s): CSV

A large dataset containing famous quotations from 15,500+ authors and speakers on 2000+ topics, providing the quote, keyword, birthdate, death date, nationality, profession, author and name.

10. Christmas Quotes

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset of Christmas quotes including authors, tags, and likes count, with 1200+ quotes in total.

And that's it! I hope you found this list of quotes datasets useful and if you do use any of them, let me know on Twitter.

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