Is Programmatic SEO Spam?

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Critics of programmatic SEO often claim that it results in poor-quality content, however, it's important to note that human writers can also create low-quality content. The same way not all content created by humans is high-quality, not all content created using programmatic methods is low-quality.

Programmatic SEO is around for at least a decade and people have been successfully using it to create user-friendly pages, but you will come across several instances where someone will be calling pSEO as low-quality, marketing gimmick, and even spam.

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But I assure you that programmatic SEO is anything but spam. And whoever disagrees with it, I would say that they don’t thoroughly understand the concept.

Understanding programmatic SEO (with an example)

If the webpage for nutrition facts of apples is designed as shown in the picture below, won’t you want nutrition facts of oranges and nutrition facts of strawberries to be in the same format?

pSEO Example 1

And if you do prefer the same design and format for all these “nutrition facts” pages, you can (and should) use programmatic SEO. By using the technique, you can create a template and then connect your template to a database via an automation program to dynamically create multiple pages at once.

The benefits?

And ultimately more revenue for your business!

See! No spam!!

In the spam content policies, Google clarifies that not all types of automatically-generated content are spam. Only the content that doesn’t provide anything original or doesn’t add sufficient value is considered spam.

Final words

No, programmatic SEO cannot be considered spam. It can only be considered a robust content strategy that improves user experience and increases revenue.

What do you think?

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