People Winning at Programmatic SEO [Examples]

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People are winning at programmatic SEO!

But if you are still trying to decide whether programmatic SEO is the strategy for you, this blog post might just be for you. In the post, I collected several examples of people building their pSEO sites and sharing their wins publicly.

In this post, I will only mention a few ones but at the end of the post, you will be able to get the whole list of such people/projects.

Let’s get to it…

Programmatic SEO wins

Along with peoples’ wins, I will also share their social media and/or the website so that you can monitor their progress by yourself.


Lukas Hermann shares on Twitter that he discovered that people search for {##} minutes timer on Google, and even though Google directly shows a timer in the SERP, he decided to programmatically create pages targeting the following keywords:

Some people asked: What is programmatic SEO?

So here's a step-by-step guide on how to "break the matrix" with the example of Stagetimer.

1. Choose a Keyword

Mine is a timer. So I chose people searching for "30 minute timer" or "1h timer"

— Lukas Hermann (@_lhermann) January 5, 2023

As a result, StageTimer started getting more clicks from Google (as you see in the tweet above). The traffic went down a bit after that but it seems to be catching up again.

Lukas explains his strategy in this blog post. He suggests paying extra attention when designing the page template(s) and page URL(s) and explains how to add internal links properly.

There’s definitely a lot to learn from here.

2. Sai Krishna’s pSEO project

Sai Krishna shared on Twitter that his programmatic SEO experiment website reached 165,000+ pageviews per month. He hasn’t shared the domain name but clarified that it was a new domain and he was able to get the result in just 3 months.

My programmatic SEO experiment reached 165k+ pageviews/mo.

$0 Marketing.

— Sai Krishna (@_skris) February 11, 2023

Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s totally possible with programmatic SEO, if done right.

Sai explains that the most important part of programmatic SEO is targeting the right keywords and doing proper internal linking. He also suggests building a fast-loading website that passes all the Core Web Vitals scores.

3. The Hive Index

Fed’s project The Hive Index reached more than 400 clicks per day from Google, and he was able to achieve this in just one year.

1 year of programmatic SEO for

Not bad for a Google sheet with some CSS on top

— Fed 🐻 (@foliofed) April 29, 2022

When asked how he did it, he explained choosing keywords that are long-tail and creating high-quality content that correctly satisfies the search intent. And then he also recommends putting extra attention on internal linking.

In this tweet, he explains everything in a detailed manner — from data sources, page templates, and URL patterns to page length, internal linking, and website speed.


By using programmatic SEO, Preetam Nath was able to grow’s traffic to more than 2500% in just 60 days. traffic grew by 2500% in... 60 days. All on the back of Programmatic SEO 📈

Impressions / Clicks data

May 15: 480 / 5
July 18: 2676 / 127

That's 500% growth in impressions & 2500% in clicks, with 0 new content 🤯

Here's how I did it 👇

— Preetam Nath (@hipreetam93) July 25, 2021

As it was a simple habit tracker app, he started targeting keywords like best habit tracker apps for {device} and that made all the difference. Even though the domain was completely new, he started getting more and more impressions by each day.

According to Preetam, good keyword research is the most important part of programmatic SEO. If you can understand what your potential customers are searching for, you can draw them to your website.

DailyHabits website footer

By looking at the website’s footer, you will understand how smart they were with their pSEO content strategy.

5. Nelly’s pSEO project

Nelly was able to take his new website to more than 200 clicks per day in around 10 months. The website is built using WordPress and uses a simple GeneratePress theme.

A programmatic SEO site that I mashed together back in January this year.

1950 posts

Very simple site built in WP / GeneratePress

Should be able to apply for MV in another 4 to 6 months.

You don't need to have complex data to make a decent PSEO site.

This is proof.

— Nelly (@NellyDogman) November 3, 2022

He doesn’t share any information about the domain name but says that he created around 1900 posts by using programmatic SEO to see this result.

In replying to a comment, Nelly also suggests publishing all the generated posts at once. No drip publishing.


In a blog post, Antoine Goret shares that they created more than 23000 pages of BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) content by using pSEO for Some of these pages were targeting simple keywords like {tool 1} vs

In the blog post, they have also explained the technical aspects of programmatic SEO in detail. If you understand web development, you can understand how they implemented pSEO on the site.

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Final words

There is no end to the people winning at programmatic SEO. And if you want to look at more such examples, click here to get the list of more than 25 such examples of people crushing it with the pSEO projects.

So if you too want to achieve something like this, here’s the cheatsheet:

And that’s the sauce to success for programmatic SEO.

If you have got any related queries, kindly feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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