Datasets for Programmatic SEO

Are you looking to build, or improve, a programmatic SEO site in the sports niche?

If so, today is your lucky day! We've put together the best 10 sports datasets for programmatic SEO (most of them are free) that you can download and use for your own projects.

Let's jump in.

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10 Useful Sports Datasets for pSEO

Along with a brief description of all the datasets, we have also included the format(s) they are available in.

1. Football

Available format(s): JSON

Dataset of soccer/football data from various leagues worldwide, including live matches updated in real-time and historical data. 800+ leagues from over 100 countries are included.

2. Cricsheet

Available format(s): YAML, JSON

Cricsheet dataset contains ball-by-ball data of international and T20 League cricket matches, along with identifier mapping for players and teams involved in the matches. It includes match details such as match type, club competition, and more.

3. Sports-1M

Available format(s): JSON

Sports-1M dataset contains over a million YouTube videos labeled with 487 sports-related categories, with 1,000 to 3,000 videos per category, automatically labeled with YouTube Topics API by analyzing text metadata associated with the videos.

4. Olympic history

Available format(s): CSV

Olympic history dataset with basic bio data on athletes and medal results, including all modern Olympic games with 271116 rows and 15 columns of information such as athlete's name, sex, age, height, weight, team, NOC, games, year, season, city, sport, event, and medal.

5. Lahman’s Baseball Database

Available format(s): CSV, MySQL

Lahman's Baseball Database is a comprehensive dataset of baseball statistics, including batting, pitching, fielding, team standings, managerial records, and post-season data from 1871 to 2020.

6. Major League Baseball Odds & Scores

Available format(s): CSV

Historical odds & scores data from 2010-2021 MLB seasons, including run-lines, moneylines, and totals, useful for testing betting systems and models and machine learning projects.

7.International football results

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset of over 40,000 international football results including match date, teams, scores, tournament, location, and other details such as goal scorers and penalties.

8. Formula 1 Race

Available format(s): CSV

Formula 1 Race dataset contains historical data from 1950 season, including information on constructors, drivers, lap times, pit stops, circuits, and more.

9. NBA player of the week

Available format(s): CSV

The NBA Player of the Week dataset includes player of the week data from the 1979-80 season to the current season. It includes granular data and can be used to explore regular season domination and the impact of factors such as seniority and last contract year on player performance over the long run.

10. NCAA Basketball

Available format(s): BigQuery

NCAA Basketball dataset contains a historical record of NCAA basketball games, teams and players dating back to 1894, including play-by-play and box scores, final scores, wins and losses. It has 351 records.

And that's it! I hope you found this list of sports datasets useful and if you do use any of them, let me know on Twitter.

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